We're not the government but we can improve your application experience!

Our Service

Our skill is in researching information and interpreting government jargon associated with passport application forms. Our Passport Application Pack is designed to assists applicants applying for a passport from a country where they are not a citizen.

The US passport application pack will guide you through the process of filling out the necessary application forms, paying the fees and sending the documents to the respective Passport Office. You will find all relevant application forms included free in the pack.

The U.S. Passport Pack is for people who do not have time or skills to browse the web and find the correct passport application forms, fill them out correctly, pay the fees and send the completed applications to the relevant Passport Office. The PayPal fee we charge is for the additional instructions we provide and not for the government forms themselves. The application forms in the passport packs are free.

This pack is intended for the following applicants of ALL ages (under 16 or over 16 years of age). They will also help applicants who fall into the following categories:

  • applicants who want to apply for their first passport;
  • applicants who want to renew their passport;
  • applicants who had their passport lost or stolen;
  • applicants who hold a valid passport and need to have their name changed;
  • applicants who need emergency travel documents